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Level Up!

Self-improvement is a life-long process. Once you’ve stopped learning, you stop progressing. That said, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut where you find yourself snuggled into your comfort zone repeating the same habits day after day but never challenging yourself to elevate to the next level. You may dream of pulling in a larger income, mastering a skill, growing your business or experiencing more adventures, but you remain stagnant. The years keep passing by and those dreams you once had start to slowly fade into the distance as you settle for the status quo simply because it feels easier.

Stop that.

We only get one life. We only get one chance to create our legacies. If we are not committed to pushing our own boundaries and our continuing evolution as beings, then what is it all for? Let’s put it another way. Would your future self be more grateful if you delayed gratification today and started working through the pain and discomfort of changing attitudes and behaviors that stand in the way of your deepest goals, or would your future self be more grateful if you stayed in your comfort zone?

Leveling up can take many forms. Maybe it means being more productive or getting a promotion. However, it can be something more subtle and intrinsic like developing more patience, over-coming a fear or just making your bed every morning. No step is too small as long as it’s forward. So how do we start to take the steps towards moving out of our comfort zones and closer into our imagined futures? You can start by taking action and implementing the following strategies:

Identify Your Goals

How can you hit your target if you don’t know what your target is? It’s one thing to say to say level up, but what are you leveling up to? What do you want to accomplish in 6 months? Where do you want to be in a year? What are the top 5 things you must achieve before you die? Set realistic goals. Get specific. Vague goals aren’t doable goals. Ask yourself exactly what it is you want, how much of it do you want, when do you want it by and why do you want it.

Stop Making Excuses

“I’ll start tomorrow” “I don’t feel like it right now” “It’s not the right time” “I don’t have enough resources” “I have it too hard” “I’m too scared” are all typical excuses that we use to prevent us from experiencing the pain of personal growth. Our avoidance of that pain keeps us stagnated and often in situations that leave us feeling unfulfilled. Once we start ditching the excuses and facing that pain head on, we will start to experience a fulfilling reward on the other side.

Take Action

In order to take the next step, you have to actually take the next step. Ask yourself what is the next right move? Do you have to do some research, do you need to improve a skill, do you need design a logo, or do you need to recruit some help? Regardless of what step you decide should be next, it’s important that you actually take action on it if you ever want that action to be realized.

Find Support

There is no person in this world who has managed to traverse a success journey alone. As humans we need the support of others to help us through the tough times, to connect with when we are feeling isolated and to offer words of encouragement when we get frustrated. Get your most trusted loved ones involved in your mission to up your game and prioritize supporting each other. Another fantastic source of support is working with a Goal Coach. A coach will help you gain clarity, help you to work out actionable plans towards your success and keep you accountable as you get productive on realizing your dreams. If this sounds like the kind of support that you need you can book a FREE session with Goalmachine at Your future self will thank you.

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