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I Get It ... 


You're driven, results oriented and you value competency. You like things done right and on time. You set high standards for yourself, and you appreciate when others do the same. Your ambition is strong and there is so much you still want to accomplish.




You’re a little burnt out. Your stress levels are higher than you want them to be. And though you have a go getter attitude, you somehow struggle with procrastination and your life feels out of balance. Things feel chaotic and out of control. You want a break but the moment you slow down you feel guilty because you think you should be doing more. It’s overwhelming.


All you want is to be productive without all of the anxiety.


Sound familiar? 

Well, it certainly did for me!

Hey There!

My name is Prichard and I'm a reformed stressed out, hyper-perfectionistic, over worker!


As a fellow high achiever I understand how career demands can make it easy for individuals in complex leadership roles to compromise their well-being and goals, forgetting that they are absolutely entitled to feel great.  I know what that kind of pressure feels like and how it can rob you of your peace of mind. 


I can help you to lose the stress but keep the ambition!

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About Your

Prichard Gibson - Executive Coach

Prichard is a certified Executive Coach and MBA graduate who specializes in working with high achievers who are looking to make SIGNIFICANT improvements in their quality of life.


She has spent the last 10 years studying the science of accomplishment and the impact it has on our happiness and discovered highly effective methods to authentically express one’s purpose and prioritize wellness without compromising ambition. In other words, she helps others to have it all.​


Prichard is also a popular radio personality and has been hosting the drive-time show "Sagan's Playground" on Laser 101 for the past 7 years. She's a published writer and public speaker and as a fully healed trauma survivor she sees the importance of using her platform to continuously inspire others to live their fullest, healthiest and most complete lives.

She's a passionate coach with a sharp intuition that clients feel almost instantly when working with her. Her insightfulness and patience helps to guide others in a way that ignites their potential. When working with Prichard you feel an elevated sense of empowerment as she helps you to realize how much of your biggest wants in life are within your control.

Get to Where You Want to Be

Release self doubt and grab onto a life and career path with certainty.

Through the use of modern groundbreaking techniques, Prichard has coached dozens of clients worldwide to make life changing transformations including securing positions at Fortune 500 tech companies, permanently overcoming self-sabotage and developing the confidence to go after and accomplish HUGE goals like lucrative promotions and career transitions.

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