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Charles Rosendaal 
Founder / Art Director - a Mazing Mind Design

"I loved Prichard’s no nonsense approach and honesty. She listens and thinks along very well. She’s good at keeping track of our conversations because every week she is on top of it, and we don't have to waste time going over the same thing again. It’s not all serious talk, we can also laugh and I am always energised after our sessions.


I came to Goalmachine to help me change my perspective of some fundamental things in my life and finding a way to restructure it. Sometimes the solution is simpler and easier than you think. Finding the real bottleneck and focus on solving that first.


I didn't really have a clue on how I was going to approach any of it really. Now it seems like most of the things I saw as a challenge have become normal daily routines I don't even worry about.


The biggest ways coaching has changed my life is by changing my mindset about certain aspects of my life and finding better ways to tackle challenges that seem big at first, but turn out to be solvable just like any others and creating structure and purpose to my weekly activities."

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