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Arun Jagtiani
CEO - Island Real Estate Team

"My wife and I attended a stress management workshop that was hosted by Goalmachine.  The information and lessons learned in that seminar were extremely helpful and prepared us for the months that would follow.  A few weeks after the workshop my father passed away, and then of course shortly after that the world was shut down due to the Coronavirus.  


Through these stressful times, my wife and I found ourselves reflecting on our notes from Goalmachine, and overall feel lucky to have attended that course when we did.   We firmly believe the lessons learned from that workshop have helped us in dealing with the challenges life has thrown at us in the last few months.   


The presentation was very interactive and easy to follow, the presenter was articulate and very knowledgeable about the subject matter.  I highly encourage local businesses and individuals who are interested in personal development to contact Goalmachine and hire their services." 

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