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Yinka Badejo

Data Science Manager


"I've been longing for more fulfilling work for a long time. Between the hours I was working and feeling a lack of purpose, I was truly unhappy with my situation. Once I started with Goalmachine I was able to set healthy habits that would boost my confidence, set boundaries and be disciplined enough to go after what I wanted. This new perspective that I've obtained from my coach enabled me to land my dream job that would give me the sense of purpose and work life balance that I have been looking for. 


The journey to get there consisted of acknowledging and understanding my current situation, identifying who I am and how that is different from what I do, and creating a path for myself to truly be happy. Not only was I able to land an amazing opportunity, but I started to finally feel like myself again. I'd highly recommend Goalmachine. Having that level of accountability, the meaningful dialogue and creative exercises truly goes a long way."


Arun Jagtiani

Founder / Owner / Broker

Island Real Estate Team

"In January 2020, my wife and I attended a stress management workshop that was hosted by Goalmachine.  The information and lessons learned in that seminar were extremely helpful and prepared us for the months that would follow.  A few weeks after the workshop my father passed away, and then of course shortly after that the world was shut down due to the Coronavirus.  


Through these stressful times, my wife and I found ourselves reflecting on our notes from Goalmachine, and overall feel lucky to have attended that course when we did.   We firmly believe the lessons learned from that workshop have helped us in dealing with the challenges life has thrown at us in the last few months.   


The presentation was very interactive and easy to follow, the presenter was articulate and very knowledgeable about the subject matter.  I highly encourage local businesses and individuals who are interested in personal development to contact Goalmachine and hire their services." 


Ife Badejo

Founder / CXO (Chief Experience Officer)

The PWR Agency

"I had goal coaching sessions with Goalmachine.  At that time, we were going into 2 months of "national protective custody". I had spent those two months hosting free webinars and online sessions to inspire and equip others during this challenging time. My business is focused on entrepreneurship development and I saw this as a means to give back.  Still, my income dropped by 70%  and was starting to decline even more.  I wasn't entirely clear of my next best steps and felt drained.  I had gotten to a point where I could no longer give because I no longer had.


These coaching sessions were transformative. They helped me to focus on very specific actions which propelled me forward in challenging times. To be honest, in my mind these tasks were minuscule and would have little impact. I was wrong. They created a momentum and had a surprisingly big impact on me. I was able to change course, make adjustments, and celebrate successes without the feeling of self-judgment, criticism, and guilt. I am very grateful for these sessions and highly recommend them.  They are practical, based in neuro and behavioural science and most importantly provide positive and tangible emotional, mental, and productive results." 


Dr. Katherine Gunderson

CEO / Founder

Grand Bequest

"I worked with Prichard during a crucial time while developing my startup. I hit a wall when I realized how resistant I was to developing a marketing strategy. I was so taken up with all the logistic aspects of my business that the idea of now having to deal with marketing was overwhelming and getting in the way of my progress. 

Goalmachine did such an amazing job of identifying where my resistance was coming from and how to circumnavigate ideas that kept me from really attacking what felt like a never ending battle. Her business background came in excellent use when helping to formulate a plan on how to start marketing my business in a way that felt absolutely doable and even a little fun.  Her patience, her knowledge and her ability to identify what was really going on has made this process of working with a coach an invaluable experience."


Kevin Petrona

A.k.a."Suppa Kid"

Radio Host "SuppaDuppa Morning Show"

I have been using Goalmachine's services for the last few weeks and I can already say that it has been such a great experience for me. For years I have struggled with my weight. I've done diets, workouts, fasting, teas.. the works! The coach at Goalmachine was able to tap into why I was experiencing this, and found quick easy ways to not only control my weight, but to also lose healthy amounts in a timely manner while taking personal accountability for my journey. I highly recommend Goalmachine. Flexible, non-judgmental and definite, satisfying results! 

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Maroushka Devers



If you're trying to get out your own way I definitely recommend booking a session with Goalmachine.

For years I've been struggling with being hypercritical of my work. As a creative person, self-criticism can be a very useful trait to have but when taken to the extreme it can be quite debilitating. Especially when it came to personal ventures I wanted to undertake.


Goalmachine has a knack for getting straight to the core of the issue and unhinging limiting self-beliefs.

Although I would consider myself to be pretty self-reflective, Goalmachine still managed to pose questions I had never thought to consider. I was left stumped and quickly realized these thoughts were not grounded in reality. This realization has led to a more positive introspection which I'm sure will ultimately lead to changed behavior over time.


Kenty Lichtenber

Founder / CEO 

Be Your Own Brand 

Kerai Kreative Style

I recently worked with Goalmachine. Since March 2020, I have learned to appreciate the purpose of a goal coach even more.  As we deal with this pandemic and the many challenges that comes with venturing into entrepreneurship (on a regular day), you can only imagine the additional effort and energy that it takes to be productive. 


My session was effective. I discovered answers to my questions and it wasn't that complicated. I sincerely recommend booking a session (or a few) with the Goalmachine. 

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