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Quality of Life

We only live once. This fact alone should be enough of a motivator to inspire you to live to the fullest. However, most of us live life on automatic, passively flowing from experience to experience and reacting to whatever comes our way. By doing this we succumb to the idea that life just happens to us and we relinquish any control we have to craft our existence into something with meaning. It is true that our society can influence the quality of our lives which is out of our control, but on an individual level there are many things we can do to improve our health and well-being.

1) Eliminate Toxicity

As social animals we rely on the people in our lives for companionship, connection and support. The quality of the people you keep in your life will influence the quality of your life. Anyone who makes you feel valueless, competes with you in unhealthy ways, doesn’t invest into your relationship or is downright abusive needs to go. A small supportive circle is so much more valuable than a massive collection of frenemies. By curating your support system, you will develop deeper and more meaningful relationships that will make each passing day simply happier.

2) Face Your Demons

We all have traumas. Negative events from our pass have a way of staying present in our lives if we are not vigilant about processing our grief. Tough childhoods, bad relationships, and catastrophic experiences subconsciously dictate our behaviors and can manifest in unregulated emotions. Our relationships can suffer. Our careers can remain stagnant. Even our finances can be dictated by traumatic events that still have yet to be healed. This is why it’s so important to face your demons when you seek to live a higher quality of life. There may be a lot of pain to address which can be overwhelming and scary, but on the other side of that pain is a shift in perspective that will improve the way you experience the world. Some of the best ways to start facing your demons are journaling about your experiences, doing research on how to overcome a specific trauma or speaking directly to a licensed mental health professional.

3) Care for your Vessel

An unhealthy body is a direct assault on your quality of life. If you’re exhausted, in constant physical pain, can’t focus or experience constant dips in mood, you’re not living optimally. One of the most impactful ways you can directly improve the way life feels is improving the way your body feels. Adequate sleep, healthy nutrition and exercise are the magic three ingredients that can positively influence your life in countless ways. Age better, stave off diseases, improve your mental health, feel more confident are just some of the benefits of taking care of your precious vessel. On the flip side, those who choose to do the opposite suffer shorter life spans, age quicker, tend to lack a general sense of well-being and are prone to illnesses like heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Take care of yourself, start now and your future will thank you.

4) Challenge Yourself and Learn

George Bernard Shaw famously said “As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death.” Once you deem yourself satisfied and stop striving for more, your quality of life decreases because you have nothing to work towards. Complacency is the enemy of successful living. Learn more, be invested in your personal growth, challenge yourself, and take risks. This is what separates a mediocre life from an extraordinary life. As long as your sights are set on the next level, wherever that point is for you, your life will have meaning.

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