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3 Basic Rules to Grow Your Brand Like WILD FIRE!

Your brand identity is what sets you apart from all the other businesses in your industry. It’s the character that you’ve developed for your products and services that explain what your company is all about. Everything from your logo, your tagline, your level of service, your product quality, your company’s culture, your pricing all contribute to your brand’s identity. But having a brand identity and having a recognized brand are two separate things. Your identity is what will help to get your brand recognized but that’s not the only factor. So how do you grow a brand to the point where hundreds, thousands and millions of people recognize exactly who you are and what you do? This question gets even more daunting when you don’t have big marketing dollars to invest. Here are some suggestions on ways that you can grow that fabulous band of yours like wild fire.


Determine your brand’s message and objective and be consistent. The more consistent you are the more credibility your brand develops. For example, if you owned a shoe store that was known for selling sports and outdoor footwear, but suddenly started carrying luxury designer pumps, you’re going off brand. People who trusted your store as the place to go for their adventure footwear will be alienated once your brand starts to go off topic. If your brand is about the outdoors and adventure, make sure you are consistently communicating that message.


In the same light of being consistent you need to know who you are reaching out to. Your brand might specialize in selling hair dye specified for greying hair, but if you spend time marketing to a trendy young demographic you’re not communicating with your customers. Instead you’re reaching out to a demographic that won’t be concerned about greys for many years to come. Do your research and determine who your target market is then adjust your marketing efforts and advertising to directly communicate to that niche. Don’t waste resources focusing on markets that have no interest in your brand.


It’s easier more than ever to affordably grow your brand awareness. Social media is specifically designed to give everyone an equal platform to promote their message. Podcasts, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Linked-In… the list goes on. You have endless options to attack your brand growth. The secret is to stick to become a master at utilizing one or two platforms and good enough on others that are relevant for your brand. Determine which platform works best for you. Let’s say you run a boxing club, chances is are, Pinterest will probably not be the best outlet for your brand. You’re probably better off on a visual platform like Instagram or explanatory platform like a Podcast or Youtube channel. Whatever direction you choose to take, be aware that a massive chunk of your brand awareness is going to come from how adept you are at harnessing the power of the internet.

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