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Yinka Badejo
Data Science Manager - Facebook

"I've been longing for more fulfilling work for a long time. Between the hours I was working and feeling a lack of purpose, I was truly unhappy with my situation. Once I started with Goalmachine I was able to set healthy habits that would boost my confidence, set boundaries and be disciplined enough to go after what I wanted. This new perspective that I've obtained from my coach enabled me to land my dream job that would give me the sense of purpose and work life balance that I have been looking for. 


The journey to get there consisted of acknowledging and understanding my current situation, identifying who I am and how that is different from what I do, and creating a path for myself to truly be happy. Not only was I able to land an amazing opportunity, but I started to finally feel like myself again. I'd highly recommend Goalmachine. Having that level of accountability, the meaningful dialogue and creative exercises truly goes a long way."

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