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Ifelola Badejo
Chief Experience Officer - PWR Agency

"I had goal coaching sessions with Goalmachine.  At that time, we were going into 2 months of "national protective custody". I had spent those two months hosting free webinars and online sessions to inspire and equip others during this challenging time. My business is focused on entrepreneurship development and I saw this as a means to give back.  Still, my income dropped by 70%  and was starting to decline even more.  I wasn't entirely clear of my next best steps and felt drained.  I had gotten to a point where I could no longer give because I no longer had.


These coaching sessions were transformative. They helped me to focus on very specific actions which propelled me forward in challenging times. To be honest, in my mind these tasks were minuscule and would have little impact. I was wrong. They created a momentum and had a surprisingly big impact on me. I was able to change course, make adjustments, and celebrate successes without the feeling of self-judgment, criticism, and guilt. I am very grateful for these sessions and highly recommend them.  They are practical, based in neuro and behavioural science and most importantly provide positive and tangible emotional, mental, and productive results." 

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