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Maaza Dikker Hupkes

Component Manager - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

"The level of professionalism, positive energy and the wealth of knowledge Prichard brings, helps to talk about difficult things very easily. No matter how stressed or how much I felt I didn’t have time, I always walked away after a session thinking, that was great, I’m glad I went!


I always felt light after my sessions with Prichard. Before starting my sessions with Goalmachine, I was one of those typical people who thought, ‘I can do this alone’. Sometimes it is good - very helpful - to have someone help you structure your thoughts and get to the bottom of old habits to actively take steps to changing so you can achieve what you want.


Believing in myself and the impact I can have on others is a realization I didn’t have before. I am now in a leadership role in an organization that does not take these promotions lightly. I did it. I am doing it. I have been doing it.


Coaching has helped me to:


- Recognize my triggers of stress and act on them before they escalate

- Increase confidence in myself

- Not take things personally

- Not let other people’s reactions affect me.


All of the above combined has now generally made me a happier person, helping me to create a better life and work balance."

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